Asakusa Fureai Dori(Street) is a street filled with the good old days of Asakusa.
People who have been staring at Asakusa for many years still love Asakusa’s mind and run our store.

The public bath “Jakotsuyu” located in Fureai dori that has been loved not only by locals but also by public bath fans in Japan and around the world was closed on May 31, 2019.
“Jakotsuyu” has a history that has continued since the Edo period, and was renovated in 2009 as a modern model.
It is a pity that “Jakotsuyu” has closed for both locals and many domestic and foreign tourists visiting Asakusa.

“Jakotsuyu” was a public bath that was particular about hot springs.
Not only the bathtub but also the shower was a hot spring.

We created this web page in honor of “Jakotsuyu”, a great public bath that represents our streets.
Please feel our history on this page.

All of Asakusa Fureai Dori member.