Our bar is the oldest in Asakusa and has been known throughout Japan and abroad as a delicious cocktail bar since the second cocktail boom in Japan 60 years ago.

The inside of the bar is calm and it is a space where customers can enjoy even the corners of the counter.

This is a skill that can be achieved by the know-how that has been teaching for over 40 years and the cocktail skills and knowledge.

In addition, a cooking instructor display his skill with rare ingredients.

Our master, Motoyoshi Nemoto, is the one who is called “God” in our industry.

We would like you to experience the orthodox cocktails that our master make and the atmosphere of the place that changes just by coming him.

Hiroshi Nemoto, a master bartender who inherits the technique of “God”, selects, makes, and explains liquor.
The only whiskey taster in Japan that has been licensed by a distillery.
He is the chairman of the Japan Western Liquor Appraisers Association and a lecturer at the bartender school.

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Address: 1-11-11, Asakusa, Taito-ku. Tokyo.
Business hours:17:00~2:00
Regular holiday: Open all year round
Phone: 03-3841-1650
Cash only