Coffee Aroma was founded in 1964, when the Tokyo Olympics were held.
Since then, locals and comedians in Asakusa have come to enjoy the taste and conversation.

Our blended coffee is made by extracting carefully selected lightly roasted coffee beans with a unique blend using traditional flannel drip.
Enjoy a mild and well-balanced taste.

You can order toast in any combination you like.
Raw fruit juice is a French frappe style with crushed ice mixed in with a mixer, and has been well received.
We look forward to come you for a short break while exploring Asakusa and for contact with the owner over the counter.

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Address: 1-24-5, Asakusa, Taito-ku. Tokyo.
Business hours:8:00~18:00
Regular holiday: Wednesday and Thursday
Phone: 03-3841-9002
Cash only